It is a reactive 230V to the sound with the components following Chase:

  • 1 arduino
  • 8 relays
  • 8 lamps
  • 8 optocouplers
  • an infrared sensor with the remote control
  • 1 LCD screen
  • 1 micro
  • 1 female jack socket

With IR remote control, it controls the different operating options displayed on the screen:

  • A 'normal' mode (reproduced from the reasons pre-program the Arduino)
  • A 'micro' mode (reagent a voice and sounds captured by the microphone)
  • A 'jack' mode (reactive voltage send to the jack)

The source code download link:

I inform you that jack microphone does not pick up the pace but only the volume, so does soyer not too disappointed to see a bad reaction!

And here is the video I made!

editing schemas

Schéma des relais


les 8 relais


cablage de l'ecran LCD

Voir le Tuto pour l'ecran LCD


cablage du capteur infrarouge

Voir le Tuto pour la telecommande infrarouge


Le micro avec un AOPx100 intégrer